Feb 11, 2014


There are days and weeks when watching Sam's development simply amazes me.  It often seems like his growth and progress are static for a month or so at a time and then he changes all in one sudden burst.  These past few weeks have been filled with so much learning and growing and I stand in amazement at the fact that his brain is putting so many things together. 

I already miss his littler self - the one that fell asleep in my arms, the one that scooted around the house and eventually became a lightning-speed crawler, the one that would play with my hair as he enjoyed his bottle.  I am thinking ahead to our new little baby-to-be and it is so hard to believe that Sam is not a baby anymore.  How did that happen so quickly?

In just the past few weeks he has learned almost all of his colors and also made it clear that he recognizes a few letters and numbers.  Crazy!  He has a set of farm lacing beads (we call it his "farm on a string") and has gone from handing us the pieces to put on the string to doing it 100% by himself in just the last week.  The learning came in steps and it was pretty amazing to watch him figure each part out. 

He has also been teaching us how important it is to set good examples as he copy cats all kinds of things that we do.  He spilled a few drops of milk on the floor, the other day, and immediately ran and grabbed the dish towel hanging from the oven door and came back to clean up his mess. 

How blessed we are to have this little person to love and to teach.  How lucky we are to have him here to teach us more about things like love and patience and the importance of snuggly-book-reading time. 
Thank you God for our Samuel P!

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