Feb 13, 2014


A love letter to my little guy on his second Valentine's day.

Dearest Sam:

Happy heart day, my little Sam-man.  You are my fella, my buddy, my snuggler, my mister-mister.  Your tossled hair, each morning, is my favorite.  So are your dance moves and all of the wonderful faces that you make.  I love that you love to be silly.  I am amazed by all that you know and how quickly you catch onto things.  I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to be your mama.

It is not quite 6am, as I write this.  You haven't cried or knocked at your door yet to let us know you are awake.  But, I hear you in your room playing your Baby Beethoven cd.  I love how much you love music. 

On the days that I am home with you, I love our little routines of book reading, block building, puzzles, trips to the library, and those wonderful post-nap snuggles where you tuck your arms in under yourself and just snuggle right up to me. 

On the days that I work, I always come home to find you bigger and older than I remembered.  How does that happen?  Do you really change while I am gone?  Or do I just remember you a little bit littler than you actually are? 

I am trying to soak in these last few weeks of our "it's just the two of us" time.  Things are going to change soon and I know that it will be for the better, but it feels a bit bittersweet.  For now, I am loving all of the belly kisses 
that you give the baby and the so-sweet way you say his name. 

I love you Samuel P. and am glad to call you my valentine.

All my love,

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