Feb 14, 2014


Baby p 34 weeks

A Valentine letter. 
Dear Baby P:
Happy heart day, my little newbie baby-to-be.
We've been hanging out together for a good eight and a half months now.  And we have less than three weeks to go.  I know your wiggles, but I don't know the color of your eyes or your hair. I don't know if you will have dimples or a birthmark. I can't imagine your laugh or your voice. And yet, you are loved so deeply. You have wiggled your way right into my heart and you are already a part of this family. We talk about you a lot and Sam likes to kiss you through my tummy.
I am so anxious to meet you.  I am anxious to see just who you are and to give you great big snuggles.  I can't wait to read you your first book and to play music for you.  I am looking forward to seeing all of the ways that you change our family dynamic. 
Daddy and I have been getting things ready for your arrival.  There is now artwork on your walls and your clothes and blankets have been washed.  The tiny newborn diapers and itty-bitty clothing that we've stashed in your dresser are nothing short of amazing.  It is hard to believe that you will be so little. 
You are loved, my little one.  I am so thankful to be able to call you my Valentine. 
All my love,

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