Feb 6, 2014


I am celebrating the completion of Baby P’s afghan and the fact that I get to cross another item off of my goal list.  I am so, so pleased to have this blanket completed before the little guy's arrival. 
I used leftover yarn from Sam's afghan to make this one.  I liked (and still like) the idea of their two blankets coordinating, but not exactly matching one another. 
By default, Baby P's blanket isn't quite as big as Sam's.  As I worked through the stash of yarn, I first ran out of light blue, then yellow, then navy blue.  Instead of running to the yarn store in search of more, I decided to just work with what I had. 
My original plan was to have all of the squares be the same.  When the light blue yarn came to an end, the plan morphed and I decided to add a few squares of orange.  Thank goodness that happened!  Without the orange, the final product would have been a snooze fest.  I love that orange diagonal and the bit of extra color that it adds.
Another spoiled plan: adding an orange border.  I attempted this, but ran out of orange yarn before the border felt substantial enough to be "right" with the design.  I ended up pulling it all out and just going with a single round of navy for the border.  I would have liked to do a few more rounds, but (you guessed it) I used up all of my navy yarn. 
As I sewed in the last few ends, I found a multitude of flaws with the final product.  I wish they weren't there, but can quite honestly say that they do not stress me out in the least.  Those are the bits that make this blanket "mine" and the bits that you would not find in a store bought afghan.  And that's why I love hand made.

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