Jan 15, 2014


Pregnancy 32 weeks grace and light
Time line:
I am now 32 weeks into this pregnancy. 
That means there are only seven weeks left before we are scheduled to meet the little guy.  With longer and more-hectic-than-usual work weeks scheduled throughout that time, I know that the time is just going to fly by.
I recently went through a few boxes that were filled with teeny-tiny clothing and diapers that are smaller than my hand.  It is hard to imagine that our little guy will be quite that little.  Our “Countdown to Baby” calendar says that the baby now weighs approximately 3 pounds 11 ounces.       
And, in other growth news: there’s no doubt about it – my belly is getting bigger.
Slowly, we’ve been working on putting his room together.  The furniture is in and the curtains are up.  We still need to make/buy/hang artwork and a mobile.  The closet also needs a lot of work.  The top shelves are still full of random things that need to find new homes and the bottom portion is a disorganized mess.
The nursery walls are a very light mint-y blue.  This means that anything light blue clashes and is off limits.  I don’t think I had fully appreciated the off white walls in Sam’s room until I started trying to decorate the baby’s room.  The wall color definitely limits what “goes” in the room and has me leaning toward reds, oranges, yellows and navy blues for all of the artwork, fabric, etc. 
I really dislike color themes in rooms.  The feeling is similar to how I feel about matching furniture sets.  (Okay for others.  But definitely not okay in my house.)  So, I’m a bit unsure about where this nursery décor is headed.  I have confidence that with some effort I can make it work without it being overly theme-y. 
With a few exceptions (headaches, leg cramps and some back pain) this pregnancy is moving smoothly along. 
I’ve been doing my “kick counts” and have no trouble getting them in within the first hour that I’m awake.  This little fella is active!  I had a doctor appointment yesterday and all seems to be going well.
The main thing I am feeling is excitement.  I can’t wait to meet, hold and snuggle with him.  I am so looking forward to watching Brian be a dad all over again and watching Sam explore the new world of brotherhood.
My secondary emotion is apprehension about my ability to spend enough/quality time with both Sam and the baby.
And then there is gratitude.  I am so thankful for fertility and for the miraculous things that bodies can do in 32 short weeks.  I am grateful for another opportunity to be a mama. 

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