Jan 30, 2014


January - right now - grace and light

Right now, I am:
  • thankful to be over and done with the yucky stomach bug that had me down last weekend.
  • so proud of Sam for successfully (and easily!) making the transition from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a twin-sized bed.
  • laughing at this.  (It's funny because it's true.)
  • and also laughing at this.
  • making progress on Baby P's room. 
  • still undecided on his middle name.
  • down to one pair of maternity jeans that both fit and are comfortable.
  • newly following along with Jon Acuff's blog and loving what he has to share.
  • ready for some warmer weather.
  • ready for the weekend.  My work schedule, as well as work itself, have been busier and yuckier than usual.  Plus, we have fun plans for Saturday and Sunday.  Put those things together and I am more than ready for the weekend.
  • thinking that perhaps I should be a Walrus Aerobics Instructor instead of a blogger.

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