Jan 30, 2014


One little word 2014 - build cover (2)

Although this is my second time choosing "one little word" to guide me through my year, this is the first year that I have taken the official "One Little Word" class by Ali Edwards or made up a notebook / album specifically related to my word.

I bought a pretty pink and gold binder at Target and have enjoyed taking some time to complete the various first-month exercises that were part of the homework for the class.  Ali provides printable worksheets for the class that can be "prettied up" or simply filled out and inserted as-is. I went with the second option and have enjoyed the change of pace from my usual Project Life and Bigger Things pages.

One little word 2014 - build

Honestly, I find my pages quite pretty in their simpliciy.  White paper.  Black ink.  An outpouring of words.  Simple.  Beautifuul.

To begin the year, the homework exercises focus on the reasons behind choosing one's word and what intentions you have for bringing your word into your life.  I can already see that I will come back to these first few pages time and again throughout the year.  To keep me focused.  To remind me of my initial intentions.  To look for ways to turn my intentions into doable actions.

For the most part, the things I write in my One Little Word album are for me.  I won't be sharing everything here.  But, there are a few things that I feel compelled to write about and I'm sure that trend will continue throughout the year, as I further explore the depths of what, how and why I BUILD. 

The homework that I most appreciated for January was the section regarding why I chose the word that I chose.  After reading the writing prompt, it took me a surprising amount of time to develop an answer.  I thought that I knew why I wanted to BUILD, but the prompt caught me off guard and required more thought than I anticipated.
After consideration, my response reads:
My new role as a stay-at-home-mama is going to require me to BUILD a new normal if  I want to thrive. 
The parts of my life where I am already "BUILDING" feel great and I want all areas of my life to be and feel the same way.
I realize that neither idea is exactly profound, but taking the time to think through the "why" behind my word was helpful to me.  Forcing myself to put those thought into words gives me something to work from as I move on.

One little word 2014 - build  add

The fabulous "dreams are for chasing" print that I included in my book was part of a flier advertising the Life Scripted class at Studio Calico.  I thought it was pretty and also fitting, so I added it to my album. 
And now, I anxiously await my February homework and work (day by day) to choose the BUILDING choice. 

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