Jan 16, 2014


Sometimes I get a little freaked out about all of the things that I don't remember. 
I don't remember much about our typical evenings in the almost two years of our pre-Sam married life.  Most vacations that I have taken are now a blur with only a few brief impressions that have stuck.  I recently took some time to look through my 2012 Project Life album and couldn't believe how round Sam's face was when he was a baby.  How did I forget that?
Recently, I've been worrying about more practical issues.  I have no idea how much formula you give a newborn.  Or how or when you transition their feeding and sleeping times.  I don't remember how to swaddle a baby.  I have no idea how much they eat before they need to be burped. 
Big things.  Small things.  It is kind of amazing to me how quickly something new becomes "normal" and how quickly I can forget my own past. 
And so, a quick list of things I want to remember from just now:
*My lovely co-workers teasing me and giving me a hard time about my plans to leave them.  (It is wonderful to be so loved.)
*Sam's complete disregard for my (now huge) belly.  (He doesn't seem to notice it at all and has no worries about digging in with his elbows and knees.)
*Evenings at home with Brian and Sam - filled with book reading, tower building, snuggles and tickles.  (And also biting and time outs in the corner of the living room.)
*The tears that well up in Sam's eyes when we take away our phones or don't let him have his binky.
*How amazingly wonderful it can feel to have a couple hours to run errands or read a book all by myself - as happened yesterday. 
I know that I wax poetic about Project Life every other day, but I must say that writing down some of the little things that make up our days is an awesome thing.  I am so thankful to have those albums to look through and to help me remember all of the gazillion things that I forget. 

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