Dec 9, 2013


Reverse 100 thing challenge

Inspired once again by Courtney Carver, I took on the Reverse 100 Thing Challenge this past week.  The idea behind the challenge is to remove 100 items from your home. 

I started a small pile a few weeks ago and thought I would do a thorough sorting, dumping and tallying sometime after the holidays.  But, the pile started to bother me and I didn't want it hanging out in the house until January.  

I know that we will have an influx of new things coming into the house over the next month so it seemed best to get this project moving.  

My pile grew throughout the day on Monday and while Sam napped I started sorting and counting.  My first count was 63.  Getting from there to 100 was a bit more difficult than I anticipated.  I made another sweep through the house, spent some time in our basement store room and finally tackled the kitchen cupboards and refrigerator. 
The final count was somewhere around 100, but I quit keeping track once I got over 90 and started cleaning out the refrigerator.  There were a few bunches of things that I ended up counting as single items. Hangers and old scrapbook supplies, for example. 

My 100 things are being allocated approximately as follows:  75% to Goodwill, 20% to the trash and 5% to friends and family that will put them to a better use than I have.  The twenty percent that left with the garbage truck makes me feel the worst.   It seems a bit ridiculous that I had that much trash just taking up room in the house, but it also feels great to get rid of it. 

Not only is my house 100 things lighter, I managed to rearrange and reorganize a few spaces in the process.  It feels like a little treat each time that I open the newly organized cuboards and closets. 

I think this could be the start of a new early-December tradition. 

Courtney Carver was also the original inspiration behind my capsule wardrobe (which is still going strong).  I highly recommend subscribing to her blog.

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