Dec 9, 2013


Christmas decorations - modern and simple

After purchasing a tree from a local hardware store the past few years, we decided to go a bit more authentic this year and take a trip to a tree farm.  Amazingly, we found one about a mile and a half from our house.  We had visions of cutting it ourselves, but decided that the cold weather and wind justified choosing one that had been pre-cut.

The ornaments on the tree are grey, white and silver.  Many of them are from IKEA, a few years back.  Our full ornament stash also includes an assortment of solid silver and silver-glitter bulbs, but those guys are breakable and we decided to leave them in storage for this year. 

For the past two years, a sampling of post cards from this Charley Harper collection has graced our living room walls.  I love the sweet birds and their mid-century modern feel, but wanted to make things a bit more festive for the holidays.

I replaced the postcards with white letters spelling out "merry christmas" on a woodgrain background.  I had intentions of ordering a few 4x6 shots to place on either side of the word "MERRY" but it hasn't happened yet.  We'll see. 

No chimney at our house.  Last year, we hung them in the foyer.  This year, we were worried about sticky little hands grabbing at them and pulling them down.  I kind of dig their new home. 

I bought the glitter initial ornaments last year and now need to find one for the little man growing in my belly.  Anyone know where I can find something similar? 

Our Willow Tree Nativity Set was purchased / gifted to us over the course of our first year and a half of marriage.  I love them.  As a kid, I loved rearranging the nativity set and look forward to the time when my own little boys are big enough to understand what it means to be gentle. 

I don't really like to "collect" things because I don't like things sitting around my house.  But, I have a small collection of modern-ish trees that I bring out for the holidays and they make my heart sing.  Although I still keep my eye out for newbies to add to the collection, I would really have to fall in love with one to pull the purchasing trigger because I'm fresh out of display space. 

Brian knocked it out of the ballpark once again.  I love our outside lights.  Nothing fancy, but nice and straight and clean-lined.  (Hello, my name is brooke.  I like (crave, need) straight lines.)  Just my style. 

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