Nov 8, 2013


Granny square baby blanket for sam
Sam's baby blanket is complete! 
It has been a work in progress for just over two years with a lot of work at the beginning, a year and a half stashed away in a closet and a big push to get 'er done in this last month.  My goal was to have it completed by Tuesday October 29th and I managed to finish it up on the 28th.  Success!  
All that I could think about as I was endlessly sewing in all of the loose yarn ends was that I don't know how anyone ever makes a full sized blanket that covers an entire bed.  This puppy required a lot of hours and it's just a baby blanket.  I have way more appreciation for big granny-square afghans than I have had in the past. 
Now, the time has come to take a trip to the craft store and choose some yarn for Baby 2's blanket.  I am making no promises, but hoping to get that one done before he is born! 
I am so glad that I picked this project back up and finished it.  Of course, I wish it would have been completed before he was born, but he won't remember that he didn't have it as a tiny baby and I know that my future self will just be glad that I finished it when I did. 

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