Nov 25, 2013


One little word 2014

With a bit more than a month to go, I have been sifting through the bajillion words in the English language and trying to decide on just one to be "my word" for 2014. 

The word "tomorrow" has served me well in 2013.  I am pretty sure that "home" will be my word for 2015.  But as for 2014, I haven't yet decided.

I think that my word lies somewhere in this list:
prepare, delight, invest, journey, magic, nourish, welcome, purpose, thrive, create, look, rejoice, build, begin, curate

I see a few themes in that list.  Build and create seem to fit together.  So do begin, welcome and prepare.  There is a definite connection between delight and rejoice.  Curate stands alone, but I can see some big possibilities in it. 

I think that this is something that I will have to ponder for the next few weeks to see where my heart is leading me.

One Little Word is a concept developed by Ali Edwards.  The idea is to choose one word that sums up what you want for yourself over the course of a year.  

Ali offers a One Little Word ecourse that I plan to take in 2014.  Will you be choosing a word for 2014?  Any thoughts on my list? 

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