Oct 31, 2013


Right now - october - grace and light
Right now, I am:
  • feeling thankful for the lovely people that I have the pleasure of working with.
  • appreciating my early-to-bed nights.
  • wondering how I am going to stay awake at all hours of the night with a newborn in the house again and thankful that I still have a few more months before I really need to worry about that.
  • happy/sad to have moved Sam's highchair into storage.  Yay for a growing boy and a less cluttered dining room.  Boo for a growing boy who isn't a baby, anymore.  
  • full of schemes and plans and ideas in general.
  • glad that the work Halloween Candy Bowl will be moving back to storage.  It was dangerous!
  • anticipating a less than fun plane ride with Sam followed by very fun days with my sister.
  • amazed by Brian's recent veg-a-thon.
  • looking forward to weekend time with our nieces.  

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