Oct 30, 2013

IT'S A...

Oh boy.

Mabel and I will be outnumbered. And my co-workers tell me that my house will smell of urine in just a few short years. :)

But, I am beyond excited.  Excited to get to know this new little fellow.  Excited to be a mama all over again.  Excited to watch Brian be a dad to two little boys.   Excited for Sam to have a brother and be a brother.   Excited to see how this next chapter of our lives unfolds.  Excited to see how our family will change and how it will stay the same.   Excited to take “my boys” on adventures big and small.

And then there are the other fun things. Things that are less important perhaps, but still exciting. Like getting to unpack all of those tiny baby clothes and use them again. I remember how sad I was when Sam outgrew them.  I remember hoping for a chance to get to unpack them someday and use them again.  And there is the excitement of making real nursery (and big boy room) decorating plans. You can bet that my brain is overflowing with ideas.

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