Sep 19, 2013


Toddler story time
I've always loved to read.  I've always loved books.  I've always loved libraries. 

Sam loves books, too.  We have been pretty good about taking him to the library, but our trips have been rather sporadic.  Until now. 

We have discovered the joys of toddler story time. 

Over the past year, we have "happened upon" story time three or four times at the library branch closest to our house.  I found it entertaining, but Sam never seemed engaged and would generally wonder off to do his own thing in a matter of minutes.  I think that was partly due to the setup of the story time room (which is open to the rest of the library and allowed for multiple distractions) and also due to the librarian. 

Not to say that the librarian wasn't doing a good job, it's just that now we have found Miss Sue and Miss Sue is wonderful.  Story time with Miss Sue is in a closed meeting room, which seems to be helpful and the fact that Sam is getting older with an ever increasing attention span doesn't hurt, either. 

The story time offerings through our library system consist of 20 minute sessions that involve songs and rhymes with corresponding actions and a few books.  Before and after the official event, toddlers (and their big people) are invited to look through board books and read together. 

Each day has a theme.  The books that Miss Sue reads are related to the theme and so are a few of the rhymes and songs.  There are also several rhymes and songs that are consistent from day to day and it is easy to see that Sam likes that big of continuity. He lights up when he recognizes a song. 

Story time

Sam and I have been taking advantage of story time two or three mornings per week, for the past few weeks.  Since we're already at the library, we've also been checking out a variety of books for each of us.  When we get home, we have fun singing through the songs a few more times and reading our new books. 

I am so, so thankful for this new find.  I genuinely enjoy myself at story time and I can tell that Sam does too.  Best of all, it is something fun that we get to do together. 

And one last thought: I've had trouble trying to flesh out the idea, but I keep thinking that this feels like our first homeschooling success.  I like that. 

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