Sep 26, 2013


Branches 450
One thing that blogging has taught me is how much I need (and thrive on) structured freedom.  It sounds a bit oxymoronic, but I have learned that I need both framework and flexibility to live well. 

As a lifestyle blogger, I have the freedom to write about all things "me."  That is a pretty awesome freedom that most niche bloggers don't get to exercise and I think it fits me well.  I don't easily fit into a box and I appreciate the freedom to share everything from my favorite breakfasts to my big fears and still have a place to share my crafting adventures.  Still, I need a plan to post every week day or I will end up neglecting this space all together. 

I am happiest when I am working on multiple endeavors and projects all at once and can see real progress on at least a few of them.  I love dreaming up new ideas and spending my time on creative projects, but I often need to set a deadline for their completion or they will linger somewhere between the "idea" phase and the "completed" phase, indefinitely. 

Essentially, grace and light is my structure.  Posting to the blog is both an obligation and a natural deadline.  It encourages me to move forward on my various projects.  It encourages me to keep entertaining new ideas and to push myself creatively. 

Having the blog (and you at the other end of it) helps me to stay motivated and encourages me to dream new dreams.  

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