Sep 13, 2013


Project life weeks 29 and 30 - real life

A week ago last Wednesday was the official beginning of my second trimester.  According to pregnancy lore, I have now entered the “golden months” of my pregnancy. 

Honestly, my body feels like it is still solidly in the first trimester.  I’m trying to make a go of pretending otherwise.  No worries; I’m still getting plenty of sleep.  I’ve just been really pushing myself to get back to getting things done.

A week and a half into my “you can do this, brooke!” campaign, things are shaping up.  Our house is cleaner and a bit more organized.  My Project Life book is sufficiently caught up.  I finally mailed out some long-intended notes to friends and family.  And so on.  I am pooped, but my brain has moved into a more peaceful state.

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