Sep 27, 2013


B and b 450
Right now, I am:
  • thankful for five years of knowing and loving Brian.  Our first date was five years ago, yesterday. And, he asked me to be his wife four years ago, yesterday. 
  • anticipating our celebratory date night - tomorrow!
  • appreciative of our local library system.
  • enjoying feeling more and more like my old self.
  • appreciative of kids consignment stores and sales.
  • amazed by how much Sam learns each and every day. 
  • thinking that a glass of wine (or two) sounds really nice.
  • making strong and steady progress on Sam's baby blanket. 
  • thankful for the little heart that I heard beating at this weeks' doctor appointment.
  • wishing for a basket of Spicy Garlic wings from Buffalo Wild Wings.

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