Sep 24, 2013


Greek Salad 3

Greek salad = my biggest pregnancy craving
Thankfully, salads are easy to  make, a suitable addition to most every meal and easy to pack for lunches at work.

I am quite content with the very basic "recipe" of hearts of romaine lettuce, feta cheese, Kalamata olives and Greek salad dressing.  When I have them on hand, I add grilled chicken and cucumbers.  If it came down to it, I'd be quite content just eating the olives and lettuce with a little extra olive juice for dressing.  Those olives just make my day. 

Greek salad
I have always been a big fan of breakfast and this pregnancy is working well in the regard.  I have been particularly hungry in the mornings and easily full in the evenings.  After my typical breakfast at 6am, I generally have a second breakfast around nine or ten.  Recently, that second breakfast has been a Greek salad.  I realize this is not (at all) a typical breakfast food choice, but it has been totally hitting the spot. 

Other things that I have been craving:  buffalo chicken wings and anything sweet.  Since those things are less than ideal for my health, I've been trying to focus on the salads.  So far, so good...except for the times when we have chocolate ice cream in our freezer. 

And then there's macaroni and cheese.  Right now, I can (and will) blame that desire on pregnancy.  But, it pretty much exists at all points of my life - pregnant or not. 

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