Sep 23, 2013


Project 333 maternity edition
A year ago, I participated in Project 333.  It is a wardrobe (and lifestyle) simplifying project created by Courtney Carver. The idea behind the project is to choose 33 clothing and accessory items to wear exclusively for a three month period.
I lo-oved this project. It motivated me to take the time to really dig through my closet and choose the items that I loved the most and those that worked best together. It allowed me to buy some new clothing without feeling guilty about the money I was spending. I found it liberating to have a limited number of clothing choices. It was also nice to feel like each day’s outfit was at least somewhat “put together.”
I stuck with my 33 items for four or five months, instead of the prescribed three. And then, random items started finding their way into my closet and the state of my closet slowly went from organized and curated to (pretty much) out of control.
One of my 101 goals is to create a new 33 piece wardrobe in 2013. My quickly expanding waistline tells me that the need for maternity clothes is here.  So, I've been working on putting together a wardrobe to last me from now until mid-April (or thereabouts.)  
As of today, my closet has officially been paired down to this:
1 – orange maxi
2 – tan maxi with gold dots
3 – teal and white striped maxi
4 – skinny polka dotted jeans
5 – skinny jeans
6 – boot cut jeans
7 – dress pants
8 – aqua cowl pullover
9 – black zip up hoodie
10 – black v neck t
11 – black crew neck t
12 – grey v neck t
13 – navy long sleeve t
14 – teal scoop neck long sleeve
15 – green/white striped cardigan
16 – navy cardigan
17 – fuchsia cardigan
18 – navy ribbed tank
19 – minty scoop neck long sleeve
20 – tan/white stripe t
21 – grey dress
22 – pink scarf
23 – yellow scarf
24 – orange knit cowl scarf
25 – pink converse
26 – grey boots
27 – black flip flops
28 – silver ballet flats
29 – orange tennies
30 – grey loafers
31 – black converse
32 – work uniform - scrubs/work tennies
33 – winter coat
Project 333 shoes
The only planned purchase I see on the horizon is another pair of boots.  I also remember that with my last pregnancy, I ended up with stains on the belly portion of several of my shirts, so I anticipate that I may need to replace a few of the shirts on my list.  For anything of the sort, I plan to just stick with the one in, one out rule and keep my number of items at 33. 
I have a few lounge/exercise type clothes in my dresser, but I sorted through the drawer and paired it down to those that I actually use on a regular basis.  I also (of course) have things like underwear, socks and tank tops that I wear under my shirts, that I did not count.  
The hardest part for me was pairing down my shoe collection.  I hadn't realized how much it had grown until I tried to fit my favorites into the list and had difficulty deciding which ones to put into storage.
I am excited to have, once again, a closet full of clothes that all fit and all work so nicely together.  I am looking forward to stress-free mornings of deciding what to wear. 

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