Sep 11, 2013


We won't find out if Baby P is a boy or a girl until the end of October.  Either way, Sam will be moving to our current, upstairs guest bedroom and the nursery will remain a nursery. 

Much as I did while pregnant with Sam, I have been whiling away my hours scoping out adorable nurseries and scheming up two nursery plans - one for a boy and one for a girl. 

No matter if we have a boy or a girl, the nursery walls will remain cream colored, the furniture will remain white (with the exception of the 1970s orange La-Z-Boy) and we will add in some happy colors with artwork, fabric and accessories.

Finding and coordinating boy artwork, fabric, etc. is proving difficult.  A big part of that is because I think it would be hard to decide which things should remain in the nursery as "baby things" and which things should move on with Sam to his big boy room as "Sam's things." Instead of stressing myself out over these things, I've decided to just wait until we learn if we are having a boy or girl to really try to make each room work. 
In the meantime, here are a few pieces of art that I'm crushing on for a baby boy's room:

Nursery artwork ideas - boy
2 - Lion King

The Lion King print goes along with the Queen Giraffe print that I included in my girl nursery artwork board.  Again, I think it would be fun to have coordinating prints for both the new baby and Sam. 

The Baby Giraffe photo is by Sharon Montrose.  Sam has the Baby Porcupine (also by Sharon Montrose) in his room and that is one piece of art that will definitely be moving with him to his new room. 

And that's where I'm at on artwork for a little guy's nursery.  I can hardly wait until the end of October.  I am anxious to not only buy some art, but also some tiny little clothes. 

We love you already, Baby P! 

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