Aug 12, 2013


Sam newborn

I have some big news to share today. 

Our little family will soon include another bambino!  Sam will be a big brother.  We will be a family of four. 
The estimated due date for this little one is March 18th. 

Our next doctor appointment is the 27th of this month and will include our first ultrasound.  I am so anxious to get a first glimpse of the newest Petermann. 

Before we met and named Sam, we called him, "Baby P."  So far, this little one has been fondly called, "Baby P," "Baby P Two" and "The Blueberry." 

The Blueberry has only made me sick once, so far, but he or she is working my body overtime and my brain is having trouble keeping up.  All big plans and projects that were going, going, going are suddenly on hold.  I'm attempting to push through the fog that is currently taking over most of my brain.  Some days I am succeeding and other days not so much.  I have high hopes that once this first trimester passes, my energy will return. 
It is hard to imagine all of the wonderful ways that our lives will change with the arrival of a new little being and another personality to add to our mix.  I am  incredibly thankful and feeling so blessed for the opportunity to be a mama yet again. 

Note: The photo is of Sam on his first day in this wide and wonderful world.

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