Jul 10, 2013


Today for tomorrow
My theme for 2013 is "Do something today that will make tomorrow better." 

And so, I write.  I publish a blog post.  I move forward on my ecourse and ebook projects.  I photograph.  I document our lives.  I squirrel away a dollar here and a dollar there.  I work at work.  I work at home.  I brainstorm, searching for my contribution.  I search my heart for what I have to share.  I read and re-read my goal list.  I plug away and then cross things off of my goal list. 

I miss a day here and there.  But most days, I keep my theme ahead of me and use it as a filter to make decisions about how to spend my time. 

Ten minutes of reading through my Bigger Things book helps me to realize that my big dreams are within reach.  

Every little action in the right direction is pushing those dreams closer to today.  I find energy and motivation as I notice the way that all of the little things are adding up to something big.

Work.  Accomplish.  Feel great.  Get energized to work harder.  It's a cycle and it's contagious.

My theme for 2013 is moving me toward a better tomorrow.  In the meantime, it is making today pretty darn great. 

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