Jul 22, 2013


Blueberries yogurt and granola brekafast

Mmm.  Breakfast. I'm a fan. In fact, I often eat two breakfasts (like a Hobbit).

I was thinking of writing about my favorite breakfast, but I couldn't narrow down the choices to a true favorite.  My most common breakfast consists of homemade yogurt (we use a crock pot recipe and make up a batch every five or six days), homemade granola, a sliced banana and a few semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Occasionally I will use berries or an apple instead of a banana. 

Other common "breakfasty" type breakfasts that I particularly enjoy:  pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips, eggs over easy, toast, hash browns, bagels, my mother-in-law's coffee cake. 

I've been eating everything bagels with veggie cream cheese a lot recently.  Yum. 

Peanut butter and banana on a tortilla breakfast
I have long been known to eat nontraditional breakfast foods for breakfast.  Chicken noodle soup, spaghetti, casserole, pizza, mashed potatoes.  I like leftovers and I'm not too picky.  My grandma used to make me mashed potatoes every time I visited her.  One time we got to her house late in the evening and were leaving before lunch the next day.  She whipped me up a special batch of breakfast mashed potatoes.  Is that grandma love or what? 

The concoction above is like a lovely little dessert that I occasionally call breakfast.  It consists of a tortilla, peanut butter, honey, chocolate chips and a banana.  I wrap it up like a burrito to eat it. 

Front porch breakfast
And the ideal place to eat my breakfast?  On the front porch or the deck.  Sitting outside somehow makes it taste even better. 

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