Jul 16, 2013


Thoughts on quote collecting

I've been on quote collecting overdrive, lately.

I've always enjoyed keeping meaningful quotes and lately I've been considering why I find them so delightful. 

When I come across a quote that really speaks to me, I want to hold onto it.  I hand write it into my quote book and every now and then I spend an hour or so reading through all of the quotes that I've collected. 

Some quotes are inspirational.  Some are funny.  Some are eye opening.  Some are just beautifully worded.

My favorite quotes are those where the author has perfectly stated something that I've felt or experienced myself but not been able to put into words.  These kinds of quotes make my heart catch.  It is humbling to realize that my feelings are not unique.  It is gratifying to realize that someone out there has experienced the same thing I have and felt something so similar that their words can take my breath away.

Finding quotes that are meaningful to my life helps me to see my innate humanness and the connection that I have with every other person living on this planet.  Whether a quote inspires me, gives me a new perspective or speaks to my heart, reading something that has the power to make me reflect further on my own life and my own experiences is pretty amazing.  How wonderfully awesome it is to be moved to tears or laughter by something written by another person living in a different time and place.

My quote book and my Bigger Things album (where I also like to record some of the quotes that I come across) are a lot like personalized self-help books.  The recorded words of wisdom have been hand-picked by me because I find them valuable and feel a deep connection to them.  Reading back through the quotes, I learn and am inspired anew.

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