Jul 25, 2013


Bum genius freetime

I wrote a post on cloth diapering back in February.  A few things have come up, recently, that made me want to write a little addendum to that post. 

I have two new pieces of advice. 

1.  Buy snaps not velcro.  For real.  You should believe me.

I must have read hundreds of diaper reviews as I was seeking out the "perfect" cloth dipes and countless reviews told me to buy snaps over velcro/aplix.  The reviews all mentioned that the velcro will wear out after they've been through the wash cycle a few hundred times.  Several reviews also brought up the (not so small) issue of able little baby hands being able to pull the velcro loose and undiaper themselves.  I read the reviews and then ignored them because I thought that those things wouldn't happen to me

I was wrong.  They happened.  Even to me. 

We considered replacing the velcro with more velcro, but that wouldn't have fixed issue #2.  We also knew that it would just lead to another round of replacing in a year or so when that velcro lost its "stickiness" after another couple hundred runs through the wash. 

Thankfully, we found this service which replaced all of the velcro with snaps.  We had a really good experience with this business and are happy with the way the diapers turned out.

We are now the proud owners of 26 snapping bumGenius Freetime  diapers.  (We also have some Pooters contour diapersprefolds and Thirsties Duo Wraps but use the Freetime diapers 95% of the time .)

2.  Ask your daycare provider if they will use cloth. 

I have been pleasantly surprised to find that people are up for trying cloth. 

Our first daycare provider used cloth diapers on her own kiddos and offered her willingness to do the same for us before I even asked.  Our second provider has never used cloth before, but said that she had another mom also ask recently and she is willing to give it a go as long as we bring along a wet bag each day. 

I hadn't expected either provider to be so willing and I am really appreciative that we don't have to buy disposables just for the days that Sam is at daycare. 

So, my advice here is just to ask and to show any potential care takers that using cloth isn't any more difficult than using disposables. 

Do you use cloth diapers?  Any other sage advice? 

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