Jun 28, 2013


Baby chasing 450
Right now I am:
  • reading a crazy number of books, inconsistently. 
  • thankful that my computer is back at home.  Its stint at the repair shop was longer than I anticipated and made me realize how much I rely on it.
  • pretty sure that I am turning into a Dave Ramsey Show podcast-aholic. 
  • loving the way that my June "Bigger Things" pages are coming together. 
  • so, so, SO proud of my little Sammer.  He's (finally) taking steps on his own and turning into a little walker man. 
  • happy to have found a reading kindred spirit.  I thought that this post about reading books for the first time (and wishing you could read them for the first time, multiple times) was spot on.
  • totally amused by unclutterer's post on an unplastic tray.
  • completely blown away by the fact that I won a blogging contest hosted by Typepad!  Thank you, Typepad!  See more here.

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