Jun 27, 2013


Books to read 450
My goal list only contains two reading-specific goals.  This is a pretty big divergence from my previous "101 goals in 1001 days" lists which included ten to fifteen reading goals.  The current list also only requires me to read 101 books, which is significantly fewer than my previous lists.

I'm 63 days into this project and I've only finished four books.  This is not my normal. 

What's going on?  Well, it's not due to a lack of reading.  Instead, the culprit seems to be sudden, adult-onset of attention-to-books deficit disorder (ABDD).  Yes, this is a fictional disorder.  (Pun intended.)

The main symptom is the inability to finish books that you start.  You read a few chapters and really enjoy them, but then you see a new book and you decide to start that one, too.  Before you know it, you have a (giant!) pile of half-read books. 

This disorder has now perpetuated itself so far that we have in-progress books literally all over our house.  This is not new for Brian.   His books are always spread around the house and I have to ask him if I can put them back on the shelf because I am never sure if he is still reading them or if he was just looking at a chapter or two.  It is safe to say that Brian is no longer alone in this behavior.  Perhaps ABDD is contagious? 

While I have been known to read two or three books at the same time, it has never before gotten this far out of control.  The photo above shows my current pile of started-but-not-finished books.  There are ten books in that pile.  Ten!  That's one tenth of the books that I need to read for my entire goal list right there.  I have a problem.

Now that I've admitted my problem, it's time to take steps to get things under control.  I hereby vow to the internet world at large that I will not start another book until I have completed at least half of the books in this pile. 

Happy reading!

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