Jun 26, 2013


Alphabet stamps

I've been noticing all the small things that make my days a bit better, a bit prettier and more meaningful.  It started with my tiny alphabet stamps that have been getting a lot of use in my Project Life album.  Once I began to pay attention, I ended up with a whole list of good little things.

Wedding rings
Cross stitch pink love modern
Hot chocolate

And the list goes on: pacifiers (known as binkies around our house) are high on the list, my seafoam nail polish, Burts Bees and EOS lip balm, chickpeas = yummy homemade hummus, my iPhone, my prayer book, Sam's little hand holding mine while we pray before our meals, my Kindle, my calendar, my zoo membership card.

All things that can easily fit in the palm of my hand, but that make life just a bit more enjoyable. 

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