May 31, 2013


Sam 450

Right now, I am:
  • excited about a little decorating project that I am working on.  It involves felt triangles and some curtains that I purchased at Target.
  • brainstorming more ideas that involve black felt as I purchased a yard of it and my current project only requires about 1/8 of a yard.
  • amused and amazed by my Samuel.  Watching him learn and grow is pretty much awesome.
  • appreciative of Brian.  I am so thankful that he and Sam get to spend a lot of time together this summer.
  • thrilled for my step-sister and her hubby who became parents, last week.  And, happy to have a brand new nephew!
  • looking forward to tomorrow.  For once, we have nothing planned for our Saturday.
  • thankful for the month of May and the fact that we got to see so many of our family members this month.
Happy weekend to you! 

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