May 13, 2013


Thumb print hearts- diy mother's day card
Yesterday was my second Mother’s Day as Sam’s mama and it was a great day. 

A year ago, I was kind of a mess on Mother’s Day.  It was my first one and I had only been a mama for a few months.  I was still in the midst of the postpartum hormone fluctuations.  I totally loved my maternity leave and the day after Mother’s Day happened to be my first day scheduled back at work.  I spent the holiday in a mood.  It was exhausting and I was a grump to my two favorite people and overall the day went the very opposite of the way that I wanted. 

I am thankful that that day has passed and that I had the opportunity to redeem the holiday and thank my hubby for dealing with my grumpy moods.

Many thanks to Brian and Sam for a wonderful Mother's Day and for being my family every day of the year. 
About the photo:  We made thumb print cards for our moms and grandmas.  And, of course, we made an extra for our Project Life album.  It was great  to include Brian and Sam in the card making project, even if it only took a few minutes to whip together.  Family craft time equals my kind of fun. 

And another note:  Michelle, of Busy Being Happy, so kindly featured a few of my recent Project Life posts in her Saturday Project Life Blog Hop.  Thanks, Michelle and thanks for all of the inspiring work that you show every week!

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