May 24, 2013


Project life progress

This past week has been too full.

My introvert self needs quiet time and a lot of time at home and at least a little time alone.  I haven't done so well on these fronts and I am feeling scattered.  I also require a bit more sleep than what I have gotten this past week. 

The weekend and really all of next week are jam packed, too.  

So, I don't see any reprieve in the near future, but I did find some time to (almost) get caught up on laundry, yesterday.  Thank goodness for small miracles.  I also took about an hour to sort through and order some photos and I am hoping to find another hour to make some good Project Life progress, soon.  I need it.  What you see above is where I'm at with a layout that I meant to do last week. 

Wishing you a happy weekend with lots of time for the things you need. 

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