May 3, 2013


VSCO Cam iPhone App
My very favorite part of my iPhone is the camera.  I still use my dSLR on a regular basis but, at this point, it rarely leaves the house with me.  My bag is usually overstuffed with important things like Cheerios, plastic dinosaurs and board books.  It is hard to find room for that bulky guy and even harder to convince myself that it is worth lugging around the extra poundage. 
I have downloaded several different photography related apps for my phone and use three or four of them on a regular basis. 
My very favorite, at this point, is VSCO CAM.  The photos at the top of this post were all edited with the VSCO CAM app.  There are only 10 filter options (three black and white and seven color), but from those ten options I have had great success in changing ho-hum photos into photos that I would be excited to hang on the wall.  The limited filter options help me to edit quickly and move on to the next photo.
If you need more proof of the power of VSCO CAM, I urge you to check out #vscocam on Instagram or Twitter.  I enjoy browsing through the #vscocam files and looking at the wide variety of pretty photos that are posted.
10 miles- grace and light 450
Next up on the favorites list is Over.  This app allows you to add text to your photos.  You can easily change the size, placement, color and font of the text. 
I also use and like PicTapGo!.  I think that the best part of this app is the ability to layer several filters together and then to save your favorite combination to use as a one-click edit on future photos.  
I use Autoshutter for a delayed-timer.  This is a free app that gives a five second delay before taking a photo.  There are several available delayed timer apps and I wouldn't say that Autoshutter is necessarily the best one out there, but I haven't had any problems with it, either. 
And one last photo app for you to check out: my sister uses Camera Plus and recommends it.
How 'bout you?  What have you tried and loved?  What do you recommend?

Edit: Find a second/updated post about my favorite photo apps.


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