May 1, 2013


Embroidery floss blue green yellow
My sister recently moved into a new place.  She also had a birthday.  To celebrate both occasions, I made her two little cross stitch pieces.  She gave me her color preferences (which I likely would have guessed without asking) and left the designs up to me.
This project didn't start out with the best of results.  I completed about two thirds of a design that I ultimately decided I was unhappy with.  I was trying for something reminiscent of Piet Mondrian (sort of), but it ended up feeling sort of tribal.  I don't know.  It wasn't terrible, but it just didn't feel very "me." 
Despite delays in getting this project successfully off the ground, I am so happy with where it ended up. 
Modern cross stitch 2
The pie-chart piece is the first cross stitch piece that I've completed without creating a pattern beforehand.  It is also the first piece I've made that dared to go so close to the edge of the framed area.  I usuallly stick with designs that are situated in the center of the hoop, like the semi-colon. 
I pretty much love that pie-chart and already have plans to remake it in some other color combinations.
I have really taken to the idea of adding cross stitch pieces into my Project Life albums (like I did here and here) and I think the pie-chart would be a happy little addition to a page.  It might even push me into using my Design E Photo Pocket Pages that I received with my Big Variety Pack and have yet to use.  Design E includes four 6x6 pockets and I think a nice square pocket would perfectly suit a colorful pie-chart.

Pie chart modern cross stitch
Semi colon modern cross stitch

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