Apr 19, 2013


Modern art at joslyn art musum omaha
Brian and I spent last weekend in Omaha.  It was lovely.  Our one scheduled destination for the weekend was the Joslyn Art Museum.  Joslyn has hosted free admission hours on Saturday mornings for several years and we have taken advantage of them on a few different occasions. 

At joslyn art musum omaha

In general, Mid 20th Century art is my favorite.  But, the Impressionist's always keep a little corner of my heart, as they were my first art loves.  The ballet dancer sculpture by Degas may be my favorite piece at the Joslyn.

Degas sculpture and monet painting at joslyn art musum omaha

The past few times that we've been to art exhibits, Brian and I have discussed our varying thought processes as we look at a piece of art. 

We agreed that our first experience with a piece of art is usually a feeling.  A feeling of awe or interest and a basic decision of liking or disliking the piece.  

After that, I generally think of the art from the perspective of the artist.  I am interested in how the piece was physically put together.  I wonder what the artist was thinking about when he or she created the piece.  I am also very aware of color composition.

Brian focuses on the individuals captured in the image.  He wonders what they were thinking and what their lives were like.  He sometimes thinks about what the artist was thinking as they saw the scene - either physically or in their mind's eye.  He never thinks about color composition or about how a piece was created. 

Before we had these discussions, I just assumed that everyone looked at art in the same way that I do.  Learning otherwise, is a nice reminder that this world is diverse. 

In typical "brooke and Brian go to the art museum fashion," I was the one raring to go to the museum and also the first one ready to leave.  I'm not sure why that is, but it seems to be the case every time. 

And, a bit of news that makes my art loving heart happy:  just last week the Joslyn announced that they will no longer charge admission beginning on May 25th.  So, it looks like we no longer have to schedule all of our art museum trips for Saturday mornings. 

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