Apr 29, 2013


Sam reading

Right now, I am:
  • appreciating my clean(ish) house and thankful to know that I am not alone in my desire for a clean house
  • sticking with my goals, but appreciative of Leo's goal-less perspective.
  • enjoying the way that Cocoppa makes my phone look pretty.
  • ready to admit that Cocoppa isn't particularly user-friendly/functional.  (But, pretty is important, right?)
  • reading 1984 and The Middle Place and enjoying each of them, in different ways.
  • anxious for a lot of sister time, this week. 
  • elated to now share my birthday with both my sister and a brand new little niece.
  • wishing I could purchase a robot that would make and pack Brian's lunch for him each school night.
  • appreciative of my friend Megan who recently asked me if I had ever thought about the way that giraffes sleep.  (I had not, but it was fun to think about, discuss and investigate.)
  • inspired by this and this.

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