Apr 2, 2013


Easter collage
We had a lovely Easter with beautiful weather. 

The Easter bunny filled Sam’s basket with a sweet, plush bunny, a small container of bubbles and a white “P” ornament.  He’s not yet old enough to appreciate his gifts, so the bunny decided to keep things pretty simple.  I’ve got to say that I like that bunny’s thinking; it saves my house from filling up with more stuff and also keeps more money in my savings account.

When it came time for eggs, we took the easy way out and celebrated with the plastic guys.  I am itching for arts and crafts time with Sam, but he (almost literally) puts everything he can get his hands on straight into his mouth.  He also likes to throw things.  Smashed and chewed-on eggs didn't sound like a ton of fun, so we passed on the egg dyeing and hope to make a big mess of it next year.

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