Apr 11, 2013


Happiness Quote Pink Chucks 450
One of Gretchen Rubin's Secrets of Adulthood is: "Just because something is fun for others, doesn't mean that it's fun for me, and vice versa."
I first read Gretchen's book, The Happiness Project in the fall of 2010.  There were a lot of things that I liked about the book and a lot of topics that really resonated with me.  But.  This is the one quote that really stood out to me and the thing that I first think of when I think of the book. 
I sometimes feel out of sync with my peers for not liking what they like.  I have become more and more okay with this, and really just accepted it as a fact of my life, as the years have passed, but it still occasionally nags at me.
I am an introvert.  This means that I need some down time, by myself, to recharge my energy and my spirits.  I love my friends and family and, in the right situation, love being in the midst of a big crowd, but I do not function well when I get no alone time for an extended period of time. Being an introvert also means that a lot of the things that I find fun are things that I can do by myself. 
If you peek through the archives of my blog, you can probably get a pretty good look into my kind of fun.  I love designing and writing.  I love to create artwork, go to art museums, read books, study and learn new things, brainstorm and plan out projects, take vacations and scrapbook.  I love going to happy hour or wine tastings with Brian.  
Gretchen's quote makes me feel empowered to choose the things that are truly enjoyable to me.  It reminds me that I don't need to apologize for having no interest in popular music or organized sports.  It reminds me that I should embrace being the true "me" and that my life will be more fun for doing so.  Instead of working to have fun at activities that I don't find enjoyable, I should nurture my true desires and find more ways to make them part of my life.

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