Apr 8, 2013


The last two times that we have spent time at my in-laws' house, Sam has been enamored with the magnets on their refrigerator.
Our refrigerator has long been sans-magnets, but Sam seemed to be putting in his vote to get that changed.  Of course, I am picky and can't be okay with just any magnets.  I set out on a "cool magnet" search and found quite a few that I liked, but all of my favorites were $30 or more (for a set), which was way more than I was willing to spend.
And so it was, with only a vague idea in my head, that I headed to JoAnn's in search of some magnet making supplies.  I arrived at JoAnn's to find that they were liquidating their inventory before moving to a new location.  That left me with a limited selection of magnet making goods, but also gave me a no-coupon-required 40% discount.  That's a trade off that I can deal with.
I came home with some circle shaped wooden disks, craft paint and a roll of sticky-backed magnet.  I already had washi tape at home and hoped that it would work in painters-tape fashion - allowing me to paint over it and then peel off leaving clean lines underneath. It worked like a charm! 
DIY Colorblock Circle Magnets - grace and light
I originally planned to use a glue gun to attach the magnets to the back of the wooden disks.  I will still do that if the adhesive starts to come loose, but for now the magnets seem to be pretty well adhered and only required a peel and stick.
Because of JoAnn's relocation liquidation discount, the total price for this project was $5.28 and leaves me with four bottles of 98% full craft paint for future projects.  Not too shabby. 
Diy circle magnets
Diy magnets
The best part of the project: seeing the finished products put to good use by the Sammer. 

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