Mar 18, 2013


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I am ready for green, for time outdoors, to step away from the treadmill, to dig in the dirt. 

In comparison to other winters, this one really hasn't been so terrible.  But, the spring fever bug has bitten me and I am anxious to get outside. 

Daylight savings and the occasional warm day thrown into this late winter season feel like a big tease.  So does the on-sale asparagus, at the grocery store. 

I am looking forward to days at home with open windows and the breeze blowing through the house.  I can hardly wait to play outside with Sam and see him interact with the outside world on a new level.  I am anxious for grilled dinners and evenings on the deck with Brian and a beer. 

My beauty-seeking eyes are tired of this grey world and ready for green.  Last year, with a new baby at home, my flower garden was limited to the perennials that grew on their own.  This year, I will have a little helper.  A gardener in crime.  We will fill our flower patch with yellow, white and a lot of pink.  We will spend mornings and evenings, with watering cans in hand, taking time to enjoy and examine the colorful petals and the dirt and bugs, too. 

The promise of spring is pulling me through these last weeks of winter. 

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