Mar 29, 2013


  Right now, I am:
  • thankful that my camera was close by when I had the opportunity to take these photos. 
  • looking forward to a weekend with family.
  • looking forward to drinking a glass (or two) of wine this weekend.
  • giddy over the tiny green shoots that are poking through in my flower garden.
  • amazed at all that Sam has learned in the past few weeks.
  • trying to figure out how I want to lay out my very first Day In The Life project.  
  • thankful (and a bit amazed) that I found a dress to wear for Easter.
  • in dire need of a scrapbook supply organization overhaul.  Seriously!
  • anxious for a weeked away with Brian.  We have one planned in just a few weeks!
  • inspired by this,and this.
Happy Easter weekend to you!


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