Mar 21, 2013


Painted kraft house
Entryway 1
A new little friend has come to live at our house.  He has made himself at home in our front entryway.

Little house 1

This is how this sweet little house looked when he arrived home with me.  Pretty enough to leave untouched. 
I did, indeed, leave him alone for a week or so with plans of painting him a nice, bright white. 

As you can see, that didn't happen.  I went downstairs to dig through my craft supplies and couldn't find any white paint.  The black bottle was staring up at me, though, looking a bit sad for lack of use.  I carried the black paint upstairs and got to work. 

Little house 2
Little house 3

Midway through house painting, I knew that I was onto something good.

I foresee this little gem having a nice, long lifespan at our house.  Unlike my pretty pink ceramic bowl that Sam pushed to the floor and smashed to smithereens, a few weeks ago, this guy is made of cardboard.  This should be a big help in his extending his longevity. 

Entryway little house

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