Mar 7, 2013


Women's merrell dash glove march motivator

I am going to take a really long walk with my sister and my sister-in-law, in a little less than two months.  13.1 miles on May 5th, to be exact.

It feels sort of wrong to admit it, but I have never had an exercise routine before now.  Brian and I used to be really good at taking Mabel for long walks and that was something that we did most days of the week.  But, that's the extent of my previous routine and even that hasn't been happening lately, with winter and a baby in the mix.

We purchased a treadmill during a post-Christmas sale and it has become my new friend.  With the half-marathon looming ahead, the biggest motivators for me are a desire for the race time to be enjoyable and a hope to not be crazy sore afterwards.  I know that the only way those things will happen is if I walk, walk, walk beforehand to get my body used to being on the move for an extended period of time. 

Considering my lack of previous exercise routine, I have been a bit surprised at how readily I have jumped into this project.  I have been putting my miles in (some weeks more so than others), but on a lot of mornings I could still use a little kick in the butt to get me out of bed. 

Here's where new, pretty shoes come into the picture.  I know that I need a new pair of shoes before the race and I know that I need them sooner than later so that I have some time to break them in.  So, I set myself up with a little challenge. 

I started counting my miles walked on March 1st and will buy the pretty shoes as soon as I have fifty under my belt.  Seven days into the month, I can tell that this little bit of extra motivation is doing the trick.  Well, that, and early bed times which help me to get up with a bit less grumbling in the morning. 

While we are discussing pretty shoes, I am also quite tempted by these pretty pink guys and these orangey ones

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