Feb 15, 2013


Construction paper valentine hearts

I made some garlands out of pink yarn and red and pink construction paper and hung them in Sam's doorway, '70s style.  He was interested in them, the moment he woke up and it was fun to see how they kept grabbing his attention throughout the day.  I also made a fourth one and hung it across the dining room window to add a bit of Valentine cheer to our meals.  

This was such a quick and inexpensive project that managed to add a big punch of fun to our house, that I have been inspired to make similar garlands with a mustache theme for our impending mustache bash.  The party is one week from tomorrow!  Time to get organizing! 

Valentine hearts
Brian bought me a lovely bouquet of spring flowers, which I much prefer to roses.  And, he was kind enough to pick them up on Wednesday evening, so I was able to enjoy them all day on Valentine's day.  There is something about having a vase of fresh flowers in the house that just makes the rest of the day seem better.  It also motivates me to keep the table cleared off, so I can really enjoy their beauty and not be distracted by all of our day-to-day clutter. 

Valentine bouquetSpring bouquet

And there were cards and kindnesses and texts and plans for fast food tacos with wine and candles.  We're fancy like that.  Sadly, our schmancy dinner plans were canceled, as I was called in to work.  But.  I was only there for a short while and back home before Sammer went to bed.  Yep, it was a good day.   

I hope that y'all had a wonderful holiday and that you have an even lovelier weekend.  Cheers!

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