Feb 28, 2013


Mums 4

Right now, I am:

*enjoying my Valentine flowers, all over again.  I loved the original bouquet that Brian bought for me, but this styling feels a bit more me.  Also, considering that it is two weeks post Valentine's day, I am amazed that these guys are still looking so pretty. 

*cracking up with Sam as he explores his new skill of throwing his arms up in the air as I say, "so big!"

*bummed that we didn't make it to church last weekend, as I have to work this upcoming weekend and we have plans to go out of town the one after that.  I don't like it when we miss so many weeks in a row.  We might have to shoot for a Monday or Wednesday night service one of these next few weeks.

*cheering Sam on as he is working on his sippy-cup drinking skills.

*missing my sister. 

*wishing that I would have put my name on the wait list for our next book club book a bit sooner.  I'm afraid that I won't get to read it before book club, next week.

*wishing that I was enthralled with any of my current reading selections.  I'm enjoying the various things I am reading, but none of them have totally captivated me.  That is fine, but it sure makes my treadmill time pass slowly. 

*thinking that I need to walk, walk, walk.  The half marathon is just over two months away.  It is time to get serious with this training business!

*feeling a bit threatened by the package I received in the mail today.  I ordered Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.  It arrived today.  It is time to learn something new, which is both exciting and a bit daunting.

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