Feb 14, 2013


Letter to my little valentine

A love letter to my little man on his very first Valentine’s Day:

My Samuel, 

I love you oodles upon oodles and am blessed by you each and every day. 

I love being greeted each morning with your big, gummy, gap-toothed smiles.  When you wake up you are either ready to explore or ready for some snuggles.  Either way is pretty nice. 

You are interested in every thing you find and take time to observe, study and taste anything within your reach.  
I love to watch you learn and grow.  Your enthusiasm for life increases mine.

I am so thankful that God gave you to me and Daddy to take care of for a while.  I pray that you will grow in faith, love and obedience to Him and that He will lead us to be the parents that you need.

Being your mama has taught me more about love than I knew before.  The sweet, never-ending, unconditional kind.  It has also taught me more about patience and tolerance and kindness. 

You are a blessing.

You are my little Valentine.

All my love,

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