Jan 24, 2013


Tree love - grace and light
Our Christmas tree came down on the second of January.  More than two weeks later, I am finally getting the end of the holiday decor boxed up and moved to the basement.

I usually do one big sweep and get it all down there.  This year, it has been going down one armload at a time over the course of the past few weeks.  I have rather enjoyed this more relaxed version of getting things changed around and now, as always, I am enjoying the perks of seeing my rest-of-the-year decorations again. 

Pulling things out, after having them tucked away for a month and a half, makes me feel like they are new all over again.  It really helps me to see which things I (still) love and which things I am ready to let go. 

To spice things up a bit, I have been pushing myself to look for new homes for those items that are staying. 

2013 chalkboard modern
Our little chalkboard guy has lived on the breakfast bar ledge for two and a half years.  After that much time, I almost don't even notice him anymore.  I moved him to the dresser, in the entryway, yesterday.  Since then, he has caught my attention and made me smile each time I've walked past.

Dresser - grace and light (2)
Similarly, my wooden hunk-of-love was shuffled from the entryway dresser to my dresser, in our bedroom.  It seemed fitting.  :)  And, I think he looks nice next to my orange IKEA tree that has long held his place on the dresser.  I tried moving the tree around and, indeed, liked him in some other spots around the house.  My dresser was lonely without him, though.  I think it's something about the blue and orange combination.  It makes me happy. 

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