Jan 24, 2013


Project life seafoam core kit baby book
With 28 days left until Sam's first birthday (and 31 days until his birthday party), I am finally getting this whole baby book thing underway.  The methodology required some deliberation, but as soon as the  Seafoam Project Life Core Kit hit my doorstep, I was off!

Things are going together so smoothly and I am having a wonderful time mixing and matching all of the elements in the core kit with Sam's little life.

To start things off, the title page, of course:

Seafoam project life baby book title page

I used two family photos, a photo from Sam's first weekly photo session, one from week 41 (which is one of my favorites from the year), an ultrasound pic, a "who, what, when, where, why" journaling card and a 3x4 grid card with a list of Sam's nicknames.  I also left space (in the bottom right corner) for his 1 year photo. 

Projet life baby book
The first few pages of his book are almost done.  After that, I just have bits and pieces and need to do a lot of filling in....which is going to require one ginormous photo order.  I will share the first few pages by the end of next week, but don't expect to complete the entire book until sometime mid to late February. 

Anyone else out there using a non-"baby" core kit to complete a PL baby book?  I like the gender neutral version of Project Life Baby Edition, but Seafoam seemed more "me" and, as always, I like to buck convention and do things my own way.  

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