Jan 22, 2013


I spent many an hour hunting down all of the "just right" bits and pieces that make up Sam's nursery in the months before he was born.  
I knew that I wanted white furniture and bright accessories from the get-go.  I created a mood board to see how everything that I was considering purchasing generally looked together and then I just went for it.  
Sam4 - Copy
Things seemed to fall into place quite easily. 
The only serious doubts I had were about the chair.  I wanted something pretty and modern.  Actually, I already had something pretty and modern - my white, Eames RAR rocker.  It would have been beautiful in the space!  But, my sweet hubby wanted something cozy and comfortable and something that he could sit in and feel relaxed.  Since we already had the orange rocker (a hand-me-down from Brian's grandpa), I decided to make the best of it.  In the end, I think it fits in nicely. 
In the past eleven months, we have rocked Sam in that chair perhaps ten times.  It turns out that we are living room/couch people and that Sam is just as content to have a sitting-still mama as a rocking mama.  So, you can bet that I'll be back to voting for the Eames rocker whenever we get to decorate nursery #2.  
While I generally like to rearrange things in the house every few months, Sam's nursery has hardly changed at all in the eleven months since his arrival.  We lowered the crib mattress, a few weeks ago, to keep him from toppling out.  We also moved the green bucket of toys into the living room (where we play more often) and moved the little white Saarinen-esque table into the guest room, as we were afraid he might pull it over and hurt himself.  And that's it.  Everything else has remained in place.  I guess that means that I did a pretty good job of getting things just the way I wanted them, to start with.
Besides the sweet babe that sleeps within these four walls, my absolute favorite part of his room is the wonderful light that floods in through the window. 
A partial source list: Crib - Walmart /  Bookshelf - IKEA / Rocking chair - hand-me-down from Brian's grandfather / Hassock - garage sale / Curtains - fabric from Drygoods Design Online, sewn by my mother-in-law / Dresser - garage sale (found by my sister-in-law) / Changing pad cover - fabric from Drygoods Design Online, sewn by my mother-in-law, using this tutorial /  Green toy tub - Target (purchased in 2010) / Clear cloth diaper storage bin - Target / Birdhouse pirate ship - Michaels, painted red by yours truly / "Home Is Where You Are" banner - Urban Outfitters / Alphabet poster, "Jesus Loves The Little Children poster and "Well, Hello Handsome" poster - designed by me, printed via Shutterfly / Baby porcupine photo - Animal Print Shop / Moon artwork - Laura George etsy shop / Robot Mobile - VeryCute etsy shop / OXO yellow night light -Amazon / Clear plastic bin holding cloth diapers - Target

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