Jan 4, 2013


Chucks 450

A list of big ideas for my tomorrows - in honor of my 2013 One Little Word / theme and in honor of my future:
  • A documented life
  • Fewer / more organized posessions
  • A healthier / more fit me
  • Money in the bank via increased income and increased savings

A list of things that I plan to work on in the next six weeks to make these big ideas a reality:
  • Organize Sam's birthday party - the plan: simple and inexpensive
  • Take Sam's "One Year" photos
  • Decide on Sam's first year book format and get 'er done!
  • Exercise four times/week or more
  • Menu plan for two weeks at a time and aim for bi-weekly grocery shopping
  • Organize the store room
  • Set up additional automatic withdrawals to savings accounts
  • Set up additional contributions to Roth IRA
  • Set up a non-etsy shop
  • Keep up with Project Life and share weekly
  • Blog

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